Boulder, CO craft brewery

A Must-See: Avery Brewing Company

If you’re traveling to Denver or GABF (the Great American Beer Festival), you have to go to Avery Brewing Company. It’s a bit of a trek, yes, but it’s worth it. If you have just one free afternoon, spend it here. I did zero research before coming to Avery, so I was surprised to see how large it was. In San Diego, we are accustomed […]

An Afternoon at Jester King Brewery in Texas Hill Country

An Afternoon at Jester King Brewery

As I was preparing for my trip to Austin, I put out a request on social media: What breweries should I visit? I received several recommendations, and there was resounding agreement: Jester King Brewery was a must. When the people speak, I listen (as long as they’re intelligent, beer-loving folk). I had seen Jester King frequently listed in round-up articles about the best breweries to visit […]


Q&A with Brews Travelers 365

Last year, I heard about Brews Travelers 365, two guys from Texas who were taking a year to travel the U.S and visit 365 breweries in 365 days. I was simultaneously fascinated and jealous — what a cool idea! Beer + road trip + a year off of work? I could deal with that. Brandon Wurtz and Michael Roberts successfully completed their journey in 2014 […]