An Ode to Belching Beaver North Park


Dear Belching Beaver North Park,

I visited your tasting room last weekend to celebrate your 2nd anniversary, and I have to tell you: I haven’t stopped thinking about you since.

Your Viva La Beava, the imperial version of your already-wondrous Peanut Butter Milk Stout, caught me off guard. It was so good. I didn’t think you could make that beer any better, but you did it. It tasted nearly the same, except the peanut butter flavor was stronger–and I have zero complaints about that.

In addition, your saisons were impressive. I don’t usually enjoy the style, but you had a Strawberry-Rhubarb on tap that was unlike any other beer I’ve tried. It was the perfect blend of fruit, carbonation, and malty goodness. Kudos for making me reconsider saisons!

Finally, the rye whiskey barrel-aged Horchata Imperial Stout stole my heart. It wasn’t too boozy, to my surprise, and the whiskey undertones complemented the horchata and gave it a smooth, rich taste. Please keep this one on tap!

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. I’m looking forward to stopping by the tasting room much more over the next year.

A Beerded Lady


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