An Afternoon at Jester King Brewery in Texas Hill Country

An Afternoon at Jester King Brewery

As I was preparing for my trip to Austin, I put out a request on social media: What breweries should I visit? I received several recommendations, and there was resounding agreement: Jester King Brewery was a must. When the people speak, I listen (as long as they’re intelligent, beer-loving folk). I had seen Jester King frequently listed in round-up articles about the best breweries to visit […]

What’s Happening in Texas Craft Beer

There’s so many articles on current events in the craft beer industry that I read every day that I’m going to start sharing the issues that I find the most interesting. I hope they will spark your interest, too, and open up room for conversation about all the different elements of the craft beer world. So without further ado, let’s get started! When it comes to craft beer, […]