Thirsty Thursday: Port Brewing Company’s Mongo IPA

New series alert! Every Thursday, I’ll be sharing quick snapshots of what I’m drinking. If you keep up with me on Instagram, you have a pretty good idea of what I’m enjoying that week, but this will allow me a little more space to write interesting facts about the beers and what I like best.

I recently picked up Port Brewing Company’s Mongo IPA at Costco. Port is in North County San Diego and makes delicious beers, so I was excited to see them in the craft beer aisle. (Actually, I’m always excited when I’m in the craft beer aisle, but you get the point.)

I first had this beer about two years ago, but I forgot how good it is! It’s a classic double IPA with a piney aroma, citrusy front end, and a bitter aftertaste. It uses a variety of hops: Columbus, Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, and Simcoe, but they aren’t overpowering. That’s important for someone like me who has only recently expanded into trying more IPAs. As I’ve mentioned, I usually favor pale ales, reds, browns, or stouts, but because IPAs are everywhere right now, I’m giving them a go.

Port’s website has an awesome video about Mongo IPA that is worth checking out. In watching it, I found out that this beer is a tribute to a cat who was nicknamed Mongo. No joke. If you know me, you know my quirky cat obsession and how excited this makes me. This beer is even cooler now.

Here’s the beer label, courtesy of (apologies that it’s a bit difficult to see). It has a surfing cat on it!


All in all, this beer has an excellent taste and a cool back story. I expect it will be in my fridge quite often this summer.

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